D Maejor- Fire House Entertainment

Derrick Jerome Watson AKA D Maejor was Born July 1 in Greensboro, North Carolina. D Maejor started his venture with music 8 years ago in a Greensboro based rap group. Within the group they found themselves with creative differences, so D Maejor decided to venture off solo and find his own identity with more focus on the hip-hop scene.  D Maejor ventured with other local artist and groups, but it wasn’t until a friend passed him a beat  and sampling program that his ear for music production started to come together for him. D Maejor soon found his signature sound and started his brand Fire House Entertainment.
D Maejor’s style is influenced by all genres of music such as Public Enemy, Pete Rock , Herbie Hancok, Benny Goodman, Goodie Mob, and The Funkadelics. Though he’s a prodigy of the hip hop culture he is still amazed at the transformation that hip-hop/rap has taken today . ” Love it or hate it, hip- hop has resurrected music of every genre as well as cultures. Through sampling and remixes it has generated revenue for artist who never got their just due after years in the game. Hated and ridiculed in its infancy it penetrated Wall Street and Sesame Street . It has by any means necessary became a billion dollar fortune 500 empire that shows no sign of slowing down. It has come from the Backwoods to Hollywood. Yet it has still not received the respect for what it really is…..an art form. D Maejor also states, I still have a hard time with people who want to claim that the 80’s form of hip- hop was better than the 90’s and gangster rap is better than old school rap. It is what it is and will always be what it is……beautiful form of expression . Music was made to entertain and  for everyone to enjoy not to destroy and certainly we must cease on this hatred and killing .” D Maejor  has been blessed over the years to meet some of the pioneers of hip- hop by attending conventions and forums and gaining valuable knowledge about the music business. Fire House Entertainment and Fire House Productions has started to blaze trails and established national and international exposure. D Maejor and  his Fire House team’s future in the music industry looks bright and is here to stay!


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