Dana Lucci

Grindin’ exclusively from Greensboro, North Carolina comes Dana Lucci. A “Norf Kak” legend who has been making music for more years than he cares to repeat, Lucci started as a DJ’ing waaay back in the day. Graduating from house parties to clubs, Lucci always had a ear for beats. Not only nice on the cut, his blends were bananas too. That one-two combo led to the now rare gig of making mixtapes for the hip hop radio station in “Tha Boro” to play every saturday afternoon. Having to come up with a new set every week, Lucci not only got the newest Hip Hop jams, but it also turned him into a fiendish digger – scouring not only the known record spots, but also the thrift stores & yard sales. The records piled up to create the genesis now know as DA PIT (studios).

His skills on the wheels and early beat-making attempts led to young Lucci (then called Mixmasta “D”) to join the group The Bizzie Boyz with fellow Kak representatives Ski Beatz (who would go on to produce Camp-Lo, Jay-Z & Original Flavor) on the Mic and Fanatic (Grammy award winner – producing music for Michael Jackson, Lil Kim & Beyonce) producing. The album spawned the single “Droppin’ It” which is the sought after gem that appeared on the Ego Trip compilation “The Big Playback” (Rawkus).

After years of honing his skills with the beats as well on the mic, Lucci presents “KLASSIC TRUCK MUZIK.” Drawing from his DJ history, the album spans the globe from old to new, north to south and east to west. From the old-school approach of “Dear Yvette” (re-creating the LL beat of the same name) & “16 Bars” pure classic hip hop, the deep lyrical storytelling of “The Answer” & “ Ohh Hell Naww!” to the catchy “My iPod” & first single “Too Much Tire,” Dana Lucci has woven together a solid effort.


links for videos:

• DA PIT Muzix
• facebook.com/danalucci
• twitter @danalucci

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