One of the hottest groups out of Greensboro,NC known as The “Dred Gang” lead by Daniel “Jesus” Harris born Dec.23, 1986 and Quentin “GatecityGod” Inman born Dec. 24, 1986. These two talented artist have known each other since kindergarten so “Dred Gang is more than just a group, it’s a family”. Being born a day apart has given these young men a raw connection. Mutually they have a strong business mind and are eager to come up. After graduating high school at Ben L. Smith they both moved to Winston-Salem,NC where they attended WSSU. After a brief adventure in college they both decided to move back to Greensboro to pursue a better life and personal enrichment.
Since a youth they have shared a intense love for music. While GatecityGod was tearing up multiple talent shows Jesus was privately perfecting his craft. In 2009 they finally decided to combine their musical abilities to chase their dreams. Immediately they formed Dred Gang and started recording and shooting their own videos. Tracks such as “Look At Me” and “Go Out Show Out” became overly popular on Facebook and Twitter within a matter of 2 days. Meanwhile they began performing around the triad which lead them to link up with Shaw Shank The Ghost Producer. Once Shaw heard Dred Gang’s latest tracks “Been a King” and “Bout my Business” it was inevitable that they headline for the grand opening of Sky High Hookah Lounge. Now working on the highly anticipated mixtape entitled “The Resume” which is slated to drop early spring of 2012 Dred Gang is destined for success in the hip hop world.

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