Freshy Mane Freshy


Terrence E Goins better known as “FreshyManeFreshy” is a native of Greensboro, NC. He was born 6/10/90 to a world of poverty. With no father around and his mother working very hard on college degrees,”Freshy” decided to take matters into his own hands. At the age of 16 Freshy dropped out of school and dropped into the cold-hearted streets of slangin’ drugs on the corner, gambling at liquor houses, and having kids. Freshy was going in and out of jail and eventually started writing poems. He then wanted to express his poems on musical instrumentals where he came up with his first recorded track titled “Only 16”. “I’m only 16 and I’m gutta-yeahhh, I’m only 16 and I’m a hustla-yeahhh, I’m only 16 and I’ll bust ya-yeahhh, aye age ain’t nothing but a number.” He then ended up with a full out mixtape titled Welcome to the Boro Vol.1 which was being sold at corner stores. His mother didn’t all the way like the concept of rap but eventually got use to it. By the age 17/18 Freshy did not pursue his musical career because he had needed some fast money to support his first born son and wasn’t all the way focused to do music. He still did rap as a hobby for fun but wasn’t serious until one spring day (May 2010); he was smoking weed on his back porch when a dude (Jus Joose) approached him asking to smoke. They then smoked and ended up talking about rap music. After two minutes of talking Jus Joose then revealed that he had a studio right across the street. They then became close buddies and have been on over 100 records together. Freshy had wanted to expand so he launched out and started Boro Boyz Ent. It’s more of an organization then a record label. After about six months of going hard, Freshy heard the Plies “Brah Brah” beat and came up with the song “Hold Up Trap” to the industry beat. A month after that, Jus Joose and Freshy was introduced to Shaw Shank the ghost producer. Shaw Shank took interest to the “Hold Up Trap” and had remade the beat in his own way. After Freshy and Jus Joose heard the beat they were so eager to purchase it and re-do “Hold Up Trap”. Within a week of recording the record, Freshy decided to perform it at a showcase in Charlotte, NC(CIAA); where he met Kaspa da Don(president of Hitt Menn Djs). Once Kaspa heard the record he sent one of his secretaries to get Freshy and his group and invited the Boro Boyz to his booth. Kaspa was so over-whelmed by the record that he put the single on his internet Freshy was so excited and is still excited about his single “Hold Up Trap”. The thing that has Freshy mind blown is not only is the record playing in NC, but it has also expanded and is getting spins in Atlanta, GA as we speak. Freshy visited Atlanta for a showcase that Kaspa had set up for him. He also got a chance to meet one of the South’s Top DJ’s ever (Gregg Street). Freshy even got the chance to shut down one of Atlanta’s hottest clubs; “Chit Chat.” The Hold Up Trap Movement is just beginning and is expanding day to day. It will soon be one of the hottest records in Hip Hop history.

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