Goodz Da Carolina Boy


Goodz Da Carolinaboy

GooDz Da CarolinaBoy aka The Official GooDz is a young upcoming rapper that has continuously put in work in the underground music scene. You have heard him on the local North Carolina and internet radio stations such as 102jams or k97.5. He was also featured on BET’s 106 and Park Freestyle Friday for 4 weeks in a row as the champion. He was then invited back for the FreeStyle Friday All-Star competetion in March of 2011; Goodz Da Carolinaboy has 2 Major Mixtapes out right now “State Of Emergency” and “Welcome 2 Tha Nabahood.” Goodz is currently working on his third with two time CMA Producer of The Year Shawshank The Ghost. With hit tracks such as “Long Way” and collaborations with Freshymane Freshy and other artist from the GotBeatz Music Group. Goodz is also featured on Shawshank The Ghost mixtape hosted by DJ Greg Street “Shawshank’s Redemtion and “Born a Star Die a Legend” Be on the look out for many new projects in the future from these two as they are continuously in the studio working.

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  • 102 Jamz Making The Station- Champion
  • BET 106 And Park Freestyle Fridays Champion
  • BET 106 And Park Freestyle Fridays All Star

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