I am a professional musician with over 20 yrs of experience.  Born and raised in NY, and now residing in Kansas City, MO; I am very happy for the strength and support the music community offers.I am in the business of music, and with that comes personal, spiritual and financial interests. Those who are true fans and would like my music to be part of their lives, will contribute with honor and appreciation, adding their stamp of approval to what I do. I don’t make a habit of give away songs or merchandise in hopes to gain new fans, however I do find ways to reward those who show true interest and dedication. “FREE does not hold value” unless a true action is performed, such as paying for a ticket to a show, or buying a t-shirt. For those who have loved and supported my large musical body of work all these years, I am truly grateful.What I hope to continue to bring you in is, plenty of music and inspiration.

         Here is the 2nd single “life on reset” from the new record “Goodbye New York”
         live performance

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