Angelina Meliana

Recently World Empire had the chance to sit down with the lovely Miss Angelina Meliana check out the interview below:

How did you get into modeling?
A: Well…. funny as it may seem; I was at a night club when a photographer approached me about a project he was working on for his portfolio, he needed a sexy, outgoing, fun female with a versatile look. He asked if I would be interested in collaborating with him and of course I said YES! The pictures came out beautiful and his fans adored me…. needless to say that was my welcoming entrance to the world!

Modeling isn’t a job for shy women. As a rising model, how did you build such a high self-confidence?
A. I believe confidence comes from within. All women are beautiful and made to be individual, I chose to embrace my imperfections and work with them instead of against them. My imperfections are the things that make me unique from the rest of the world and I love being me, I don’t know how to be anyone else.

Define what being sexy is to you?
A: Sexy is a certain magnetism that attracts others to you. Each person defines sexy differently. Sexy is a sly suggestion made by a handsome stranger who dares to challenge your inquisitive nature with a new idea or a lusty yearning for a new experience as you explore it unfolding before you. Sexy is being able to feel the ideas in the minds of conversations. Sexy to me is not just a person’s physical appearance; it’s a feeling that comes over me that cannot be defined by words.
There are a lot of misconceptions about models.

Does that stigma follow you?
A: At this point in my career I try not pay attention to anything negative. Misconceptions and stereotypes will always surround models as well as rappers, athletes etc. If you let things that people say about you bring you down you will always be a prisoner to them. I would like to think it doesn’t follow me but I’m sure I will cross paths with it one day if I haven’t already.

For all of the fans, people, photographers, agencies and companies seeing you for the first time who will want to gain more information about you, tell them where they can go to see some of your photos and read about some of your past, present and future projects?
A.If you are interested in seeing more of me, follow me on Twitter or add me on Model Mayhem and Facebook. I post several pictures, upcoming projects and events on those sites. I am currently booked for the next 2 months with shoots and I have an upcoming shoot with ENVY Magazine in August. I m love to shoot anything sexy, sultry and classy. My next goal is to do a Hot 60’s Pinup shoot. So look out for me because I have several exciting projects in store.

Explain your best and worst experience within the modeling industry?
A. My worst experience in the modeling industry has been trying to decipher the professional photographers from the unprofessional. I am here for business not your personal pleasure, I am not going to sleep with you to get my pictures in a magazine, I am not here for dating but I am here to WIN. I have met many photographers who use their ability to work a camera as a way to try and get dates with hot women. I just make the decision not work with them and I keep it moving, in the end it is their loss, not mine.

B. Over all I have met many awesome photographers and I have had the opportunity to work with many amazing people. We have produced some awesome photos and some long term friendships. When you gain respect and trust with the photographers you work with your pictures come out 110% better than when you work with someone that you are not comfortable or familiar with.


Name: Angelina Meliana
Age: 30
Origin: Italian, Black, Irish
Location: Tampa, FL
Zodiac: Cancer – Water sign is 69
Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Relationship Status: Single

Measurements:34DD 27 36
Twitter: @angelinameliana
ModelMayhem: #2031244

Booking Info: @angelinameliana or @thekollageking
Photographer: I have worked with many photographers to date my favorite is MJFLIX out of Miami
What hand do you write with: My right hand
What’s your favorite color: Yellow Cause it Shines like I do
Dream Car: Aston Martin
Lucky Number: 69- cause either way I’m WINNING!
Favorite Sport: Baseball
Favorite Team: Pittsburgh Pirates

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