Iceey The Model


Chicago, IL



Placed 1st in Chicago DUB Car Show as Best Model & Display,2011
Nominee for Model of the Year
Chicago Independant Awards 2010, 2011

***Personal Information***

ICEEY is someone you can’t miss when it comes to this industry. Growing up in the west suburbs of Chicago, she always had a dream of being big. Iceey has a bold sense of style and an eye for fashion. She has paid her dues in terms of networking and meeting up and coming rappers, models, and promoters to mark her future. Iceey is a very well rounded person as she not only models, she attends colleg…e and played on the college volleyball team. As a Freshman in college she was presented the opportunity to do a runway fashion show. Turned out her successful runway show led to her discovery. Since then Iceey has climbed to the top by networking and collaborating with well-known performing artists and several photographers throughout the Chicago-land area. Already she has been a part of numerous fashion shows, car shows, promotional fliers, photo-shoots, mix tape covers, and music videos such as: Rick Ross and LEP Bogus Boyz- Kush and Leather, Gorilla Zoe & GP- What’s Up, Waka Flocka- Snakes in the Grass, HotStylz- Hot Lookin’ Babe, Young Buck- HipHop Hoodie. She has worked with other artists such as Do or Die, Reese of 3-Piece. In addition to that she has hosted numerous events throughout the Chicago land area, such as open mic nights, Project Pat, Bone Crusher, and 3 Piece. She also coordinates and hosts fashion shows with a group called the IC Models. (Independant Chicago Models). These girls are all independent models that are doing big things! Iceey is one of Chicago’s top independent models in the industry, while she broadens her horizons linking fashion with hip- hop culture. It’s never hard to miss Iceey because she is constantly on the move and open to many opportunities. There are many great things in store for Chicago’s very own Iceey, and she is only headed in one direction, UP!


Chicago Independant Awards 2010 – Model of the year

Chicago Independant Awards 2011 – Model of the year

***Car Shows***

RPM Chicago 2010- LA TAN host/Spokesmodel for Pauly D’s interview

DUB Chicago 2011 (Representing Xplicit Cars) – Placed 1st for best Model & Display

***Featured Music Videos***

Hot Lookin’ Babe – Hotstylz (2011)

Kush and Leather – LEP Bogus Boys feat. Rick Ross (2011)

Amazing – Noelz (2011)

Snakes in the Grass – Waka Flocka feat. Cartier (2010)

Sex Drive – AK of Do or Die Feat. Johnny P (2010)

Drunk Mistake – The Hawthorne Effect (2010) (dancer)

Hip Hop Hoodie – JLP feat. Young Buck (2010)

***Featured Events/Fashion Shows***

Serenity/ TBY Fashions- Fall 2009- “Where Fahion Meets the Streets Pt. 1” Fashion Show

Geomatrix Fashion Show- Imagine Fashions, feat. India’s Nathalia Kogan’s clothing @Lumen

Hot Ice- By: The Fashion District- Summer 2010 @District Bar

Chicago Fusion Fashion Show- feat. Alex Body Paint and VJG Clothing- April 2010

Unfinished Business Gucci Mane Concert, 2010



  1. Iceey is fan friendly especially in person met her at a few events and seeing that radiant smile in person!,she’s a dime personified she’s in possession of a rare authentic beauty that few have & we feel because she’s so cold with IT!

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