Waleed Coyote

Due to the bombings in the hospitals of Beirut, Lebanon Waleed Coyote’s family relocated to Brighton, England where he was born on July 26h. Shortly after Waleed returned with his family to Lebanon where he resided until the age of eight. After fleeing Lebanon, they came to Greensboro, North Carolina where his love affair with Hip-Hop began. Learning the English language by watching MTV, Waleed quickly picked up on the cultural norms of the Hip-Hop world. Waleed received his higher education in 1995 from Western Carolina University, where he began his radio career at WWCU 90.5 FM. To this day the lifetime achievement award is named after him.

Waleed Coyote furthered his carrer at Greensboro’s 102 Jamz in 1999, meanwhile incorporating his independent record label Othaz Records. Waleed started his radio career as a part time mix show host and later evolved into a full time overnight jock. In August of 2003 he took over the 7-12 PM night shift. That same year Waleed experienced putting out two number one records, “Stick You If You Stunt” (50 Cent Diss by P. Wonda)  and “The Panthers Anthem,” at 102 Jamz. Waleed Coyote coined the phrase “The Middle East,” which quickly spread throughout the region of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and now Tennessee. He started the Middle East Car Show every Friday night, live on the radio in different cities which rapidly expanded into crowds of over 2,000 people. Waleed soon after developed a contest on the radio called “Making The Station,” where two MC’s battle live on the radio. The champion of the battle who endures two months of victories, wins a mixtape, record deal, free production, video, magazine articles, internet promotion and cash prizes. 

In 2004 Waleed Coyote released The Da Vinci Code mix CD. The following year his label Othaz Records released a full length compilation album titled 2.3, with the main single “You Know What It Is” by P. Wonda featuring Ricco Barrino. In 2006 Othaz Records released “Bubblegum” by Ricco Barrino, which recieved over 2,300 spins on media base and resulted in a record deal with Grand Hustle for Ricco. Waleed Coyote was recognized as a 2010 Radio Personality of The Year for the SMES (North Carolina, South Carolina, Virgina). In 2011 he was honored at the NCUMA (North Carolina Underground Music Awards) for Single of the Year for “DJ Hero.”  Living by the motto “Ever forward, never backwards,” Waleed continues to build the grass roots movement that is starting to spread through the world.

Let’s take a journey with Waleed Coyote in his hometown in Beirut … watch below …

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